Institutional Request for Student Transcript

External institutions, graduates of DIG and withdrawn students from DIG may request transcripts of academic performance at any time with this form. 
Transcripts are delivered electronically to students requesting an official transcript free of charge. If a transcript is requested to be mailed, a $5.00 fee assessed.
Institutions and third parties requesting an official student transcript must submit the request online. Once the request is submitted, DIG will contact the student identified in the request to confirm approval for release. A fee of $5.00 is required for all institution and third-party requests.

Requesting Institution

Daytime Phone Number

Other Fees
If you were a DIG student and are requesting your official transcript to be mailed, please pay $5.00. If you are an institution or third-party request, please pay $5.00 per transcript.
Student Transcript Request 5
Student Transcript Request (Student Electronic Transfer) 0
Total 0.00

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