Soil2Service Board of Directors Start-Up Grant

Soil2Service is committed to improving the human condition through all things positive with a focus on food and education. The Soil2Service Board of Directors is awarding students who meet the requirements of the application a Detroit Institute of Gastronomy Student Start Up Grant.

This one time grant will assist students in beginning their culinary apprentice education through DIG. The grant will cover the cost of equipment, technology and certification fees necessary for all students to start the two year program.


Confirmation of Grant Requirements

Applicants must meet all requirements to be eligible for the grant. By checking this form, you are committing to the requirements of the grant.


In a minimum of 1000 words, let us know what happened in your life to place you in a position of needing this grant. What led up to the situation and what steps are you taking to overcome this life obstacle (other than enrolling in school)? What does earning this grant mean to you should you be awarded? How will culinary education help you achieve your life goals?

We look forward to reading your essay and wish you the best of luck in your culinary career! - Soil2Service Board of Directors


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